Repealing Obamacare Meme

The Obamacare Repeal Study

This meme claims there’s a new study that repealing Obamacare will kill millions of jobs, harm the economy and add to the deficit. Analysis reveals the study is flawed.

The Pyrrhic Victory at Standing Rock

Courtesy of Occupy Democrats, with over 75,000 likes and 60,000 shares.  This meme claims “victory” over the recent Army Corps of Engineers decision to deny easements over a small portion of the Dakota Access Pipeline…

Dakota Pipeline Meme

Straightening out the Dakota Pipeline Situation

Courtesy of The Other 98%, with over 74,000 likes and 260,000 shares.  This meme, along with many similar ones, portrays the Dakota Pipeline protesters as victims of oppression, and the pipeline company as polluters and…

Costa Rica renewable energy meme

Costa Rica, Renewable Energy Leader?

Courtesy of The Free Thought Project, with over 4,000 likes and 3,200 shares.  This meme claims that Costa Rica has “ditched fossil fuels” and used renewable energy for over 100 days.  While not clearly worded,…

olympic gymnastic coach illegal immigrant

Were US Olympic Gymnasts Coached By An Illegal Immigrant?

It’s difficult to pinpoint the origin of this meme, but it appears to come from Desirée Rincón, where it has over 38,000 shares.  During the Rio Olympics, America has been captivated by the women’s gymnastic…

Another German Renewable Energy Meme

This meme claims that Germany produced so much renewable energy on May 8 that it needed to pay its citizens to use it. Without context, this meme is extremely misleading, as the reality is much more underwhelming.