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costs of living since 1978 meme

Misleading With Inflation Since 1978

Courtesy of The Other 98%, with over 17,000 likes and 50,000 shares. This meme compares various cost of living increases since 1978 with the corresponding changes in wages. According to the meme, important staples have…

salary of politicians meme

The Impact of Politicians’ Pensions on the Budget

This meme presents the supposed salary and pensions for various politicians, and asserts that’s where the budget cuts should be made. It’s a popular talking point, but how much would this really save?

Dakota Pipeline Meme

Straightening out the Dakota Pipeline Situation

Courtesy of The Other 98%, with over 74,000 likes and 260,000 shares.  This meme, along with many similar ones, portrays the Dakota Pipeline protesters as victims of oppression, and the pipeline company as polluters and…

free college tuition meme

What’s the Real Cost of Free College Tuition?

Courtesy of The Other 98%, with over 9,400 likes and 2,900 shares.  This meme claims that in 2012 public college tuition was $62.6 billion, while the federal government spent $69 billion on federal programs aiding…

employer subsidized food stamps meme

Welfare Doesn’t Help Employers Pay Less

Courtesy of The Other 98%, with over 93,000 likes and 82,000 shares.  This meme conveys a common theme; that businesses who employ low wage workers benefit from welfare programs, such as food stamps.  On the…

Another German Renewable Energy Meme

This meme claims that Germany produced so much renewable energy on May 8 that it needed to pay its citizens to use it. Without context, this meme is extremely misleading, as the reality is much more underwhelming.

Do Six Corporations Control 90% of the Media?

Courtesy of The Other 98%, with over 33,000 likes and 13,000 shares.  This is a popular meme repeated over the last several years.  Depending on the meme, it’s six corporations, or sometimes only five that…